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NOTE: I am no longer supporting this web site. I keep it up for information purposes only. It was based on a Windows 2000 operating system and the only Windows system that supported 4 dual graphics cards. Windows 2000 also was the last operating system that supported spanning all 8 monitors to work as one.

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Welcome to my flight simulator site. Over the years I have developed many versions of flight simulators, each expanding on the capabilities and features of the Microsoft Flight Simulator and PC Hardware. The latest version is a two-person cockpit with dual controls using (8) 19" LCD Monitors.

The new FS is a ground up rebuild to accommodate the addition of (2) 19" LCD side monitors, Fokker 100 type overhead panel and autopilot panel. All 6 outside view monitors are now flush mounted and provide a full 180 degrees of viewing. The overhead and autopilot panels have illuminated push button switches. The cockpit has been widened by 6" with additional height added to accommodate the overhead panel.

I have had several inquiries as to the choice between using LCD monitors and digital projectors. There were two reasons I went with the LCD monitors. The main reason was cost. At the time a decent digital projector was still around $1200.00. To get the wrap around effect I was looking for I would have had to purchase a minimum of three. At $3,600.00 that was way beyond the budget of the build. I was able to purchase the (8) 19" LCD monitors at around $2,000.00 so the decision was an easy one to make. The second reason was to accommodate a dynamic base I have designed. Using digital projectors would require a larger footprint for the overall flight simulator to accommodate the wrap around screen.

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Plastic Cases for Switches
A source for the 1" x 1" x 0.7" cases used on the panels as described in the eBook can be found at

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